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HSC Information

1. Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a regionally accredited university.

Note GPA minimums:

        • Ph.D. admission requires a 3.0 GPA minimum. Applicants for the Ph.D. program are most competitive when a Master’s degree has been completed.
        • Certificate admission requires a 2.5 GPA minimum.
        • MPH/MHA admissions does not have a specific GPA minimum. Competitive applicants often have a 3.0 or higher.

2. Official transcripts from all universities/colleges attended.

        • evaluation is required for overseas transcripts.
        • If applying through SOPHAS, WES will need your SOPHAS ID in order to properly route your evaluation. If you ordered your WES evaluation without a SOPHAS ID, click to learn how to proceed (select “SOPHAS” from the drop-down and scroll down to “Additional Information”).

3. Submission of Application Materials.

        • Your submission of applicational material is intended to give you the opportunity to submit a tailored narrative that will describe your education, experience, and professional career objectives. It should include:
            • Why are you interested in pursuing your chosen degree and concentration?
            • What are your career goals and how will this program prepare you for your career?
            • Highlight your relevant experience in prior coursework, and professional or volunteer work.
            • Reasons for interest in UNTHSC at Fort Worth.
            • Address any areas of weakness in your application.
            • MS & Ph.D. applicants must identify the topic/research area you intend to focus on & name specificSchool of Public Health faculty membersyou would like to serve as your mentor and supervising faculty.
      • Your response should be original and unique to each program you are applying to. Furnishing false or incomplete information, including plagiarism on any part of your statement or in any related application materials, will result in an automatic rejection of your application. (Brief quotes are permissible if accompanied by quotation marks and a reference to the source of the quote.)

4. Three Letters of Recommendation.

      • Ideal sources include academic professors, academic advisors, and employment/internship supervisors.
      • Physician shadowing letters are not recommended.
      • Letters from friends or relatives are never appropriate.
      • You do not need a letter of support from current SPH faculty to apply for this program.

5. Resume/CV.

6. GRE is optional for MS and PhD Programs.

7. Work Experience for select programs.

      • Applicants to the MHA Online program must have at least two (2) years of relevant healthcare management or health administration experience.
      • Applicants must also be gainfully employed within the field.
Degree/Program Application Site Spring Summer Fall
MPH In-Person/Cohort July 1
MPH Online December 1 July 1
MHA In-Person/Cohort or July 1
MHA Online or December 1 July 1
MPH/MHA International Applicants July 1
MS July 1
PhD January 15
MPH Dual Degrees (Current HSC Students) December 1 July 1
MPH Anthropology Dual Degree July 1
Graduate Certificate in Public Health December 1 May 1 July 1
Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management December 1 May 1 July 1

Please note all applications close at 10:59 PM CST on dates indicated above.

Deadlines on the 1st require all documents to arrive to the appropriate CAS by the 15th.

Deadlines on the 15th require all documents to arrive to the appropriate CAS by the 1st.

Applicants who have degree coursework from institutions outside the U.S. must submit a credential evaluation directly from World Education Services (WES) to SOPHAS. We require the .

    • WES will need your SOPHAS ID in order to properly route your ICAP. If you ordered your WES ICAP before you had a SOPHAS ID, click to learn how to proceed (select “SOPHAS ” from the drop-down and scroll down to “Additional Information”).

UNTHSC’s English Language Requirements:Applicants may meet language requirements by one of the following:

  1. TOEFL language exam taken in the last 2 years. Send scores to SOPHAS using code: #5688; HAMPCAS applicants use code: #B589; SOPHAS Express use code #5688.
  2. IELTS language exam taken in the last 2 years if applying in SOPHAS. Details available in . This test option is not available for HAMPCAS or SOPHAS Express applicants
  3. Completing or expected to complete a US-accredited Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree before matriculation at UNTHSC.
  4. College/University Degree or Citizenship from specific English-speaking countries. Official transcripts and degrees will need to be provided. Schools of attendance must be recognized by UNTHSC.

Language Locations

  1. Complete Level 6 at UNT system: The Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) at the University of North Texas helps international students develop academic skills in English. **We do not accept intensive English language completion from other institutions.

International applicants should submit their application 6 weeks prior to the international applicant deadline. This will allow sufficient time for WES to process the transcript evaluation report and adequate time for visa processing.

Visit our International Student Office site to learn more about the I-20 process, estimated Cost of Attendance and other key factors.

HSC Public Health programs have a limited number of seats each year. The HSC Committee takes a broad range of factors into consideration as we select candidates, including:

        • Academic background
        • Understanding of the role of public health workers & specific concentrations
        • Enthusiastic letters of reference
        • Community service experience
        • Evidence of service and leadership, including honors, achievements, and awards
        • Other life experiences and extracurricular activities
        • A mature, insightful essay

Although an applicant’s entire academic record is considered, strong academic performance alone does not ensure acceptance.

While prior experience in community service, leadership experience, public health, or a medical-related field is not required, this experience is considered a beneficial attribute and viewed positively by the HSC Committee.

Letters of reference from an academic source are strongly encouraged and professional references from work supervisors are certainly appropriate, especially for those who have been out of academia for some time.

        • Evidence of personal integrity, maturity, motivation, communication skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, quantitative skills, writing ability, dedication, and the ability to work with others are additional factors that will be considered.

The above qualities are evaluated by several means, including letters of reference, the scope and nature of extracurricular activities (including work and volunteer experience), the scope and breadth of prior education, and your statement of purpose.

    • Students applying for research programs (MS and Ph.D.) should reflect any prior research experience in their materials, and indicate their future research goals in their statement or purpose and a letter from the research supervising faculty is very beneficial.
    • Ph.D. & MS candidates matching with current faculty on research areas and mentorship opportunities is vitally important to securing seats in those competitive programs. Applicants should indicate the research area and identify faculty mentors in their statement of purpose.
    • HSC Public Health programs are competitive. Competitive academics alone does not guarantee candidates will receive an admission offer.
    • Admission to programs at HSC is holistic. Candidates are evaluated based on all application material submitted.
    • Applicants are reviewed only once each cycle, be sure to submit your application with the strongest material and scores you plan to submit this cycle.
    • MPH/MHA Admission committees review applications as they become complete and verified. Applicants are encouraged to submit early in order to receive a timely decision with the most potential for securing a seat in the program.
    • PhD/MS Admission committees review applications are reviewed during specific windows so the most competitive applicants from the entire applicant pool may be considered.

Cost of attendance is available in a variety of formats. UNTHSC publishes tuition and fees details online.

Overall estimated tuition and fees to earn the entire degree are:

MPH (Cohort Program) In-State Resident $14,640 Non-Residents $42,752
MHA (Cohort Program) In-State Resident $15,696 Non-Residents $47,824
MS in Public Health In-State Resident $12,800 Non-Residents $33,000
PhD in Public Health In-State Resident $24,500 Non-Residents $55,000
MPH Online 42 Hours In-State Resident $13,500 Non-Residents $34,500
MPH Online 48 Hours In-State Resident $14,640 Non-Residents $42,752
MHA Online In-State Resident $14,600 Non-Residents $37,000

Need help with determining costs of comparable programs? Contact

Texas Residency is established at the time of admission to UNT Health Science Center. We encourage you to review the details for the residency status requirements posted by the Registrar’s Office.

All applicants are considered for scholarships and waivers at the point of admission. Students are also eligible to apply for scholarships through the General Scholarship Application through the Office of Financial Aid.