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Reusable ZipExploring the Hidden Gems of Sustainability at HSC

Earth Day started in 1970 when people demanded we protect public health by protecting our resources (learn more here).  HSC Sustainability has hosted an Earth Day Celebration since 2013 as we work towards a healthy planet and healthy people.  This year we will celebrate through two events as we “Explore the Hidden Gems of Sustainability on Campus”.  The first event is a Simulation Activity on Tuesday, April 23rd and the second event is the fair on Thursday, April 25th.  Highlights include:

  • FREE succulent (simulation activity)
  • HSC reusable zip bag
  • FREE Boba, ice cream and popcorn
  • Educational booths from both on and off campus
  • Hands-on activities
  • E-waste recycling, clothing swap, and book drive

Click on the drop-down menus to learn more about the event as well as other ways to learn more and take action.

SIMULATION ACTIVITY: Tuesday, April 23rd 12pm-2pm

Get a FREE succulent as you explore the “Hidden Gems of Sustainability on Campus” through this interactive simulation on Tuesday, April 23rd from 12pm-2pm at the Regional Simulation Center (LIB 1st Floor).  This is a come and go event that will take about 10 minutes.

EARTH DAY FAIR: Thursday, April 25th 3-5:30pm at MET Field

Four pictures at Earth Day Event 2022. First one is three people at the clothing swap, second is a picture of the vendor tables; Third is a picture of Funky Town Fridge, and the Fourth is a picture of people talking at a table. FREE Snacks & Drinks

  • Bobaddiction Boba Tea and Fruit Drinks
  • Texas Ice Cream
  • KingKorn Gourmet Popcorn

Interactive Booths & Activities

  • Organizations and agencies from around the region
  • Upcycle activity using plastic bags
  • FREE HSC Reusable Zip Bag (must have 3 stamps from booths)

FREE Electronic Recycling

  • Recycle general electronics, cables and cords, batteries and more

Clothing Swap & Professional Attire Resource Closet

  • Bring clothing of all sizes, genders, and conditions to donate, and take what you need
  • Professional clothing will be donated to the student closet (students can take that day)
  • Items not taken will be donated to (Center for Transforming Lives) that helps women and children in Fort Worth or recycled if in poor condition
  • Collection now through April 24th in MET, LIB or IREB (or bring to the event)

Book Swap (Hosted by Lewis Library)

  • Bring books to share or take what you want
  • Items left will be used to stock the Little Free Libraries on campus
  • Collection now through April 24th in MET, LIB or IREB (or bring to the event)

Student Food Pantry Donation

  • Bring a pantry item to donate
  • Most needed items: toiletries, pasta and breakfast items, canned goods, and healthy snacks

VIDEOS: Learn More About Sustainability

“Sustainability is the continued protection of human health and the environment while fostering economic prosperity and societal well-being.” ().  All videos can be found on the .

Lifestyle, Health, & Kids

  • – Dr. Amy Collins, a practicing emergency medicine physician, health care sustainability professional, and senior clinical advisor for Health Care Without Harm shared spoke about why health care professionals should care about climate change.  (56min)
  • – Learn easy ways you can practice sustainability with your kids in this quick video. (10min)
  • – Learn about the cultural, health, and financial challenges women face as well as the environmental impacts of menstruation (60min).
  • – Social enterprises are businesses that utilize market-based approaches to address social and/or environmental issues.  Jenna Babbitt, Director of Social Enterprise for the Center for Transforming Lives, spoke about how social enterprises can improve both human and environmental health in various ways.

Food & Gardening

  • – By learning basic cooking skills, you can decrease your consumption of processed food which has positive health and environmental impacts.  Jeka Sisco, , performs a cooking demo to show you basic skills with a plant-based meal. (53min)
  • – Explore why food sovereignty is essential in addressing racial inequalities.  (37 min)
  • – What we eat and how we buy, eat, and store our food affects our own health and the health of the planet.  Learn ways you can be more sustainable with your food. (10min)
  • – Learn about why food waste matters, why composting is important, and opportunities available here in Fort Worth.  (47min)

Sprouting Change: You, Food, & the Environment

A series of educational and how-to videos for the Sprouting Change: You, Food, and the Environment grant project.

  • Learn how to grow your own nutritious sprouts in an easy, convenient, inexpensive, and quick way.  Kits will be available at the HSC Earth Day Event! (6min)
  • – Learn a couple recipes using sprouts. (3min)
  • – Composting is one of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment.  This video details how composting works and how to build a compost pile. (3min)
  • – Learn how to properly store your food to extend the life of food and reduce waste.  (5min)
  • – Learn how to grow edible plants in small spaces using 1, 2, and 5 gallon containers.  (3min)

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

  • – Here we discuss the basics of recycling including what we recycle on campus and how you can practice the other R’s – Reducing and Reusing.  (12min)
  • – Learn how to make your wardrobe more sustainable as well as how to help women and children experiencing poverty here in Tarrant County (32min).


  • – HSC’s Sustainability Committee was established in 2012.  Here representatives from the committee give 10 tips on how to be more sustainable.  (5min)
  • – The Lab Efficiency Action Program (LEAP) encourages labs to be more sustainable.  Learn about the program and hear from researchers across campus.  (4min)
  • – As HSC moves toward being more in person from the pandemic, why not come back in a better, more efficient and sustainable way?  Learn 10 tips for coming back to campus the sustainable way.  (8min)


Nature Walk

Spend some time outdoors this month.  Here are some resources in our area:

  • – Close to campus, this place aims to be a.
  • Nature Trails – Use to find a trail near you.

Litter Cleanup

Litter on the ground eventually gets in our waterways causing issues for the environment, wildlife, and ourselves ().  Here are some resources:

  • Need supplies?  Contact HSC Sustainability for bags and gloves.
  • (or your local affiliate) has resources and events as well.

7 Days of Gratitude Journal: Celebrating Our Planet & Our Lives Here on It

Expressing gratitude may decrease stress, lead to better sleep, and increase feelings of happiness and compassion ().

Bike Ride

There are many places to ride a bike in our area.  See resources below.

  • – a city-wide network of bike stations.  HSC students receive FREE annual memberships and employees receive $40 annual memberships.  Register using your HSC email address (students use promo code “untstudent” and employees use “untemployee”.
  • – Promotes cycling in our area and has many resources.

Eco-Activity with Kids

Get your kids involved with Earth Day activities and do them together.