HSC Facts at a Glance

Areas of Study

The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth (HSC) is a values-based university located in the heart of Fort Worth鈥檚 Cultural District. With six colleges on one campus. HSC educates future health care providers, public health professionals, researchers and scientists to create solutions for a healthier community.

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* For 13 straight years, HSC has been designated as a military-friendly institution.

* The university’s Whole Health Initiative considers all dimensions of a person to transform health care assessment and delivery.

* HSC’s Institute of Health Disparities received a $100 million grant for the AIM-AHEAD program to increase the diversity of research and date in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Areas of Strength

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Colleges and Schools

鈥 The Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine鈥檚 Class of 2023 had a 100% placement rate into graduate medical education residencies with 62% entering primary care 鈥 one of the highest rates nationally. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked TCOM No. 11 among all medical schools in the country for primary care.

鈥 The School of Health Professions opened HSC Physical Health, an expansion of FitSteps for Life, the only location in Fort Worth offering free individualized exercise therapy to cancer patients and survivors.

鈥 Dr. Meredith Howard of the College of 番茄社区 was named one of only five 2023 Emerging Teaching Scholar Award recipients by the American Association of Colleges of 番茄社区.

鈥 The School of Biomedical Sciences launched HSC鈥檚 first undergraduate degree program, an online bachelor鈥檚 in biomedical sciences designed for students seeking careers in health care or science.

鈥 Dr. Erika Thompson, associate professor in the School of Public Health, was awarded the prestigious HSC Faculty Achievement Award for her tremendous contributions to the school, HSC and profession.

鈥 Dr. Cindy Weston was named founding dean of the College of Nursing.


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Clinical Practice

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